Established in 2002, Vision Marketing Communications offers an extensive range of creative services. We design and produce a wide spectrum of projects from corporate identities to product package designs, from one page brochures to complete annual reports. In short, from inception of an idea to its realization.


Devoted to excellence in design

Working together with our clients to develop and deliver innovative and successful design solutions is the mission of the Vision Marketing Communications. It is the foundation upon which we operate our business. We are committed to establishing a relationship of trust that shares the clients’ concerns and values.

 We work closely with clients to strategize business specific marketing and media campaigns.





“We have worked together directly and regularly for about ten years now and it has been a pleasure. Whether it is printed material such as our “Monthly Special” point-of-purchase for our 200 stores, other promotional signs and banner, brochures and print ads, or to create a new website, I know I can count on you to develop creative, exciting, customer focused designs, and execute efficient, cost-effective production to minimize our costs.

The new website you recently created for my two companies, Dress For Success Cleaners and Alpine Outfitters, are outstanding from our perspective and our customers’. Both website are attractive, inviting, clean, and easy to navigate. Customer response has been very positive to both; in the case of Alpine Outfitters site which includes a shopping cart, sales have increased nicely as a direct result of our new site.

Dress For Success Cleaners and Alpine Outfitters look forward to working with you for many years to come.”

Bruce C. Stegmaier

President and Chief Operating Officer

Dress For Success Cleaners / Alpine Outfitters


“The scope of your work has included branding, logo development, corporate colors, sign design, web site design, stationary, cards, report materials, AIR flyers, and various marketing material. You have always delivered more than you promised, in a cost effective manner, on time. To say that you have exceeded my expectations is an understatement.”


Patrick G O’Healy, SIOR

O’Healy Commercial Real Estate Services


“In my capacity as the President of Nature's Gifts International, I have worked closely with Vision Marketing's talented group since the inception of our company in 2002. During this time Vision Marketing has been instrumental in development of our corporate identity, package designs, and numerous web site developments. Vision Marketing's creative approach to design has always been conscious of budgets and deadlines. In addition to creative services, Vision Marketing has acted as a versatile consultant to oversee our printing and fulfillment process.

Mr. Camyar Zadeh, the Creative Director at Vision Marketing, has always acted professionally and ethically throughout our relationship. He is very knowledgeable in digital and print industry.”


Keyvan Bashi


Nature's Gifts International, Inc.


Vision Marketing Communications did a stellar job from start to finish with not only the printing aspect of our program, but the full design, graphic art and concept of  our  project.
The scope of work was completed on time, within budget, and with razor sharp attention to detail.

Camyar explained everything clearly, worked with integrity, and exceeded our expectations. His vast knowledge of the printing world, combined with his creative talent and artistic abilities allowed our project to move forward with ease and in a seamless manner .

I look forward to working with Vision Marketing Communications and Camyar Zadeh on future projects, and would highly recommend him to anyone.


Raquel Landworth-Kleinhenz

Literary Women Long beach